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Minty FReSh by Chris Basselgia (2013)

Minty FReSh by Chris Basselgia (2013) Chris Basselgia’s vision is one of functionality and class. Being a brand new vehicle to the Scion line up of cars, the Scion FR-S presented Chris with the unique opportunity to paint a picture unlike anyone has seen before. Major and subtle changes were implemented not to create a new vehicle, but to enhance the beauty and performance that was already created by Scion. Unique color combinations that not only flow together but create a pleasant and fresh emotion on top of the clean lines that are not only aggressive but also sexy and elegant were the focus of the exterior.

Minty FReSh by Chris Basselgia (2013) Minty FReSh by Chris Basselgia (2013) The same mindset follows into the interior where the driver and passengers will enjoy luxury while being thrilled by the power plant under the hood. In this build, Chris faced the challenge of being creative in his design while maintaining functionality and being sure to cover all of the bases necessary for a show stopping vehicle. In the end, Chris hopes to show that all of this can be achieved with style and class and without the unnecessary bolt on clutter often seen in builds of this nature.

photo gallery Minty FReSh by Chris Basselgia (2013) Picture Gallery, Photo Credit: © Scion
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