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DMC McLaren 12C Velocita SE (2014)

DMC McLaren 12C Velocita SE (2014) PUR manufactured a set of their stunning PUR TEN alloys. They were finished in Anthracite and staggered 19/20 inches (front / rear). This combination turned out to be the perfect complement to the black beast that DMC calls McLaren 12C “Velocita SE”. These wheels are not only pretty but also necessary, as DMC Luxury has recently created an ECU performance package, which improves the power from 592 HP (442 ft.lbs) to 660 HP (502 ft.lbs).

DMC McLaren 12C Velocita SE (2014) DMC McLaren 12C Velocita SE (2014) DMC McLaren 12C Velocita SE (2014) On the body kit side, DMC’s engineers created a styling and performance package that consists only of the finest and most exclusive materials: Light-weight Carbon Fiber on the body kit, Titanium on the exhaust system, and exclusive Italian Leather on the interior. This is super car tuning at it’s finest.

As one of DMC’s signature works, the complete body components were not just developed for the eye, but feature an explosion of aerodynamic engineering. While the car’s original front bumper was said to look like a smiling face, DMC’s “SE” Edition converts the MP4 12C into an aggressive looking beast.

The interior will be designed according to each client’s individual wish, to make each car unique. There are no limits when it comes to customising the driver cabin with Carbon, Wood, Leather or Alcantara – DMC is fulfilling all requirements from its exclusive clients world wide.

photo gallery DMC McLaren 12C Velocita SE (2014) Picture Gallery, Photo Credit: © DMC Luxury
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