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Bisimoto Honda Civic Si Coupe (2012)

Bisimoto Honda Civic Si Coupe (2012) The 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe by Bisimoto Engineering is one of seven modified 2012 Civic Si featured prominently in the Honda booth at the 2011 SEMA Show. This limited-edition Civic Si Coupe is one of three aftermarket project vehicles emphasizing the performance potential of the Civic lineup and represent great platforms for vehicle personalization.

Bisimoto Honda Civic Si Coupe (2012) Bisimoto Honda Civic Si Coupe (2012) Bisimoto Honda Civic Si Coupe (2012) Having previously built two generations of Fit project vehicles, Bisimoto Engineering delivered a 1004+ hp turbocharged version of the 2012 Civic Si Coupe. This is a factory-based new K24Z7 powerplant, which embraces the “Civic for all people” vision: a street friendly time attack, drag, and road race flex-fuel concept chassis.

Powertrain Modifications:
• AEM Series 2 EMS, and smart coils
• Arias forged pistons
• ARP head, main, and wheel studs
• ATI Engine Damper
• Bisimoto built 2.4L K24Z7 engine
• Bisimoto steel rods, turbo kit, intake gasket, injectors, and web level 2.4 camshafts
• Golden Eagle sleeved block, and intake manifold
• Griffin Radiator
• Holley billet fuel pump
• Kinsler fuel filters
• K-Tuned alternator relocation, pulley and water neck kits
• MSD coil wires
• NGK Iridium spark plugs
• Portflow custom headwork
• Supertech valvetrain
• Torco Oils
• Turbonetics 72mm turbocharger, blow-off, wastegate and intercooler
• Vibrant Vanjen clamps and stainless hardware
• VP Racing E85R fuel

Chassis/Suspension Modifications:
• Bisimoto-spec Action 2MS Clutch
• Buddy club racing steel lug nuts
• Eibach coil suspension and sway bar
• Eins Gramm 18×8 aluminum wheels
• Falken 215/35-18 tires
• Steen roll cage
• StopTech brakes

Exterior Modifications:
• Burns Stainless muffler and hardware
• Bisimoto Extreme Dimensions hood and aero upgrades
• Denmatic design scheme
• Gatorwrap custom laminated body wrap
• Type 2 graphics

Interior Modifications:
• Bisimoto fighter special control box
• Bisimoto reservoir socks
• Buddy Club P1 racing seats and harness
• G&J braided lines
• Honda “First aid” kit
• Odyssey PC-925 dry cell battery
• Racepack IQ3 dash
• Rueda interior paint
• Rywire mil-spec harness

Bisimoto Engineering is known worldwide for awe-inspiring street, show and race vehicles. With no fear of the unknown, Bisimoto is always on the cutting edge of automotive technology.

Bisimoto Honda Civic Si Coupe (2012) Bisimoto Honda Civic Si Coupe (2012)
photo gallery Bisimoto Honda Civic Si Coupe (2012) Picture Gallery, Photo Credit: © Bisimoto Engineering
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