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Mazda Minagi Concept (2011)

Mazda Minagi Concept (2011) The Mazda Minagi concept car makes its international debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The Minagi concept, which represents Mazda’s new SKYACTIV technologies and new KODO design language, is the first model which showcases characteristics for the next generation of Mazda cars to come.

Mazda Minagi Concept (2011) Mazda Minagi Concept (2011) Mazda Minagi Concept (2011) For the Minagi concept, Mazda has fully incorporated its SKYACTIV technologies into every aspect of driving performance, including the powertrain, chassis, and even body design. As the second concept car to incorporate Mazda’s new KODO design theme ‘Soul of Motion’, the Minagi design elements combine the expression of energy pulsing throughout the vehicle with the keen agility to move about freely and nimbly.

The KODO design language of the Minagi is embodied in the form of a compact crossover SUV Proportions. The vehicle’s crouched stance expresses the image of a cheetah as it stands with its weight poised on its hind legs, ready to lunge at its prey. The cargo bay of the Minagi presents an image of a muscular entity that cleanly incorporates spaciousness within well-toned lines.

In the Minagi’s interior, Mazda’s designers set out to realize a driver-focused cockpit and cabin environment that expresses a reassuringly high level of strength and solidity. The main black interior color is highlighted by the color red in the rear seatbacks and at the bottom of the door armrests.

Mazda Minagi Concept (2011) Mazda Minagi Concept (2011) Mazda Minagi Concept (2011) Mazda Minagi Concept (2011) Mazda Minagi Concept (2011)
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