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Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010)

Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010) This refinement program entitled SPR1R by Sportec has made the Porsche’s coupe car one of the lightest supercars on the market (a Bugatti Veyron weighs 1990 kilos for comparison) and enhances the SPR1R’s power to weight ratio to a staggering 655 bhp per ton.

Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010) Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010) Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010) Conceived, designed and constructed in Switzerland by SPORTEC’s technical team, the new version of the SPR1 offers supercar performance and exclusivity, carrying over the 858PS bi-turbo, 3.6-litre, 24-valve, flat six T80M engine and permanent four wheel drive of the previous version.

These combined improvements have yielded considerable performance benefits. While the 0-62mph (100kmh) time is unchanged at 3.0 seconds, the 300 kmh (186mph) increment arrives 0.9 seconds quicker than previously, and the quoted top speed is more than 236mph.

Likewise the SPORTEC SPR1R’s specification includes the titanium connecting rods and active suspension and F1 style ceramic brake discs of other SPR1 models. The use of composite (carbon / Kevlar) body panels, forged alloy wheels, and F1 brake discs allows the SPR1 to be lighter, safer and more dynamic than other cars in its class.

The 2010 SPR1R by Sportec for the Porsche has made its British debut at the Salon Privé show at London’s Hurlingham club, from 21st-23rd July.

Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010) Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010) Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010) Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010)
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    Superb. The Sportec Porsche SPR1R (2010) is another rolling sculpture that is a joy to drive !

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