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Honda EV-N Concept (2009)

Honda EV-N Concept (2009) The Honda EV-N is a small, 4-seater battery electric vehicle, inspired by the N360, Honda’s 360cc micro car launched in the 1960s. It features solar panels in the roof, which could be used to charge the on-board battery. The Honda EV-N is purely a design study and there are no plans for production.

Honda EV-N Concept (2009) Honda EV-N Concept (2009) Honda EV-N Concept (2009) The Honda EV-N will be on display in the HELLO! zone (for Honda Electric mobility Loop), which will also include the FCX CLARITY, a fuel cell electric vehicle that runs on the electricity it produces from hydrogen; a new EV-Cub electric motorcycle; the new U3-X, a one wheel personal mobility device that uses balance control technology developed through the ASIMO robot project; and LOOP, a portable communication tool that allows people and mobility devices to communicate with each other.

Honda EV-N Concept (2009) Honda EV-N Concept (2009) Honda EV-N Concept (2009)
photo gallery Honda EV-N Concept (2009) Picture Gallery, Photo Credit: © Honda
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  1. Dominic.Cody says:
    I love the look. I want to see the price of this Honda EV-N Concept (2009)

  2. Rhys.Reece says:
    Please can you tell me when will the Honda EV-N Concept (2009) be available in Bulgaria?

  3. This one is really cute. It looks like one of the cars from out of the storybooks. Difficult to imagine that it can carry 4 people.

  4. Somich says:
    I am so interesting this car so much, please let me see the cost if i want you ship to Cambodia, Phnom Penh city. thanks

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